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Enrollment: 183

Families: 97

Bus routes: 5

Staff members: 24

Households that give: 500+

2017/18 Highlights

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A Strong Leader Needed for a Christ-Centred 21st-Century School

Dear Prospective SCCS Principal,


Thank you for wanting to learn more about taking on a leadership role at Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS), starting in the summer of 2018! SCCS is an exciting place not just for children to learn and grow, but for school leaders, who help to build strong foundations for our students.


We are passionate about “transformative education of mind, body and spirit” through our dedicated staff, well-rounded programs and extracurricular activities for students. We are also backed up by an extremely supportive community of parents, alumni and friends who invest their time, money and energy into the success of every child. While we are proud of all of these at SCCS, the real excitement comes from living and walking in the way of the Lord.


As a non-denominational Christian school with students from 25 churches, we believe that God has prepared a way for this school so that we bring honour and glory to His name and satisfy all those who walk through our doors. We are seeing God revealing His plan for SCCS’s students and it is exciting to follow His will, even though not all events are clear to us. Abram was called to leave his country – he received very little information about his trip with destination unknown – but he obeyed. Peter was called to walk on water – no flotation devices to be found and only the impossible in front of him – but he obeyed.


God’s plan is seen every day in our students. It can’t be fully experienced on these pages – or any page. That’s why we encourage you to come experience SCCS and see the difference first-hand. We would be pleased to show you around.


You’re also encouraged to speak with our current families – we will gladly connect you with any of them. They too will tell you about our strong community, encouraging teachers, flexible learning opportunities and excellent curriculum, which often exceeds the Ontario Ministry of Education’s expectations.


As you can hopefully see, we do things differently at SCCS. And we look forward to warmly welcoming you to be the leader that help make our school bond grow even stronger. Feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have.




Principal Search Committee



Introduction to the Calling


We’re looking for an energetic and visionary leader to equip us for academic excellence, nurture our culture of creativity and innovation, and inspire us to new heights of learning, growth, wisdom, holiness, and love.


The successful candidate will provide leadership in the following areas:


Spiritual Leadership – The Principal is responsible for infusing a Reformed Christian worldview into all educational and operational practices, so that staff and students will be engaged both in living and through learning what it means for them to be a child of God.


Board Leadership – The Principal is expected to provide expert advice to the board on matters of educational policy, as well as regulatory compliance on all matters of school operations. The Principal is a leader in the boardroom, especially in the area of working out the mission and vision of the school. The Principal is also responsible for the oversight of committees and working groups related to school operations.


Staff Leadership – The Principal is called upon to lead, encourage, serve, and support all staff members. This requires an understanding of employment practices, tactful and professional behaviour at all times, and a commitment to kindness, authenticity, constructivity, and continuous improvement.


Learning Leadership – The Principal is entrusted with the educational purpose of the school. This involves providing leadership in defining, developing, and delivering authentic, meaningful learning programs and frameworks for students. Oversight of the program of instruction including proper assessment of student progress rests ultimately with the Principal.


Student Leadership – The Principal is entrusted with the well-being of every student enrolled in the school. This custodial responsibility extends beyond the learning experience and encompasses the students’ ability to be contributors to a distinctively Christian learning community.


Administrative Leadership – The Principal is charged with the efficient management of the affairs of the school. This task requires an understanding of regulatory requirements as well as the implementation of best practices for efficient and responsive office management.


Financial Leadership – The Principal is entrusted with financial responsibilities in order to properly serve as the senior executive of the school. The Principal must understand financial principles, function ethically and be able to provide insightful stewardship of the funds entrusted to the operation of school programs.


Facility Leadership – The Principal is entrusted with the property owned by the school society as a steward of the Board. The Principal must ensure that the facility and grounds are properly maintained and in good working order.


Community Leadership – The Principal is the de facto spokesperson for the school and society, and is accountable for this representation to the Board. All school communications, other than Board communications, are the responsibility of the Principal. The Principal is responsible for overseeing outreach, recruitment and community relationship building (volunteer and donor cultivation, etc.).



The school Principal is accountable to the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Strathroy Community Christian School Society for the proper development, supervision and management of all school operations. In order to fulfill this comprehensive mandate, the Principal is expected to function as the Director of School Operations (DSO) by ensuring:

  • The organization and management of the school facilities provides the best physical setting achievable for the educational program;
  • The supervision of the faculty, support staff and school volunteers provides the best instructional engagement possible for the students;
  • The supervision of instructional and curricular program provides the best instructional experience possible for the students; and
  • The Strategic Plan is implemented within appropriate school operations; and the required compliance with government regulations and organizational guidelines for school operational matters is done in a timely and professional manner.




The Principal is accountable directly to the BOD of the SCCS Society for all delegated responsibilities. The Principal is to attend meetings of the Board of Directors in order to be informed of Board matters and to provide professional advice on issues before the Board. The Principal participates in all strategic planning initiatives.


The Principal must report regularly on school operations to the BOD. The Principal may be asked to prepare special reports detailing specific actions or situations within school operations when requested by the Board of Directors.




The School Principal works cooperatively with the Board’s standing committees that involve school operational matters in order to assist the Board of Directors in their governance of the Society and the school which it operates. The nature of this working relationship varies with the mandate of each Standing Committee.


The Board of Directors may appoint the School Principal to its ad hoc committees or working groups from time to time.


The School Principal may establish school committees and working groups as needed to assist in the development and management of school operations. These committees are appointed by the School Principal; they report to the School Principal; and their duration, membership and/or termination is determined by the Principal.


Principal Duties

The Principal’s duties are broadly grouped into four categories; Visionary, Educational, Administrative and Community duties and guided the mission and vision of SCCS as well as the strategic planning goals and objectives.


Visionary Duties

In providing visionary leadership to the school community, the Principal shall

  • Communicate a Christian worldview for the implementation of Christian Education for the school community
  • Facilitate a dynamic understanding of the integration of faith and vocation for school staff
  • Provide for meaningful devotional activities for school staff
  • Ensure that the teaching staff engage the students in meaningful devotions in the classrooms
  • Encourage student leadership in the life of the school
  • Model a Christian lifestyle in the personal conduct of the Principal’s duties and relationships
  • Engage all staff and educational volunteers in building collegiality as defined in the Staff Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement


Educational Duties

1. Instructional Leadership – In order to provide an instructional program best suited to the education of all students, the Principal shall:

  • Establish, communicate and monitor program objectives within the school’s approved Course of Study
  • Conduct a regular cycle of curriculum review to ensure ongoing quality and relevance of materials and pedagogy
  •  Acquire quality learning resources that will support and enhance the instruction of the Course of Study
  • Ensure that teaching assignments, schedules and their implementation meet acceptable standards for instruction
  • Supervise the proper implementation of student assessment and evaluation
  • Ensure proper reporting documents and procedures for student achievement
  • Conduct a program of standardized testing to assess objective school performance levels
  • Promote such students as the Principal deems proper
  • Monitor instructional program successes and opportunities through data collection and developing relationships with local secondary education institutions


2. Staff Leadership – In order to provide the students with the best possible instructional quality, the Principal shall:

  • Lead the recruitment, selection and appointment of all school staff
  • Appoint a Vice-Principal(s) with a proper job description and time allocation
  • Manage an effective and efficient school volunteer program
  • Assign appropriate workloads to the staff and volunteers in order to ensure the proper operation of the school
  • Provide for the mentoring support for all new and inexperienced staff
  • Supervise and evaluate all school staff; including contract status, suspension, and possible dismissal recommendations
  • Implement professional development policies and programs for staff
  • Hold regular staff meetings to encourage the staff in their task as well as to ensure proper implementation of instructional programming and co-curricular activities
  • Will manage and support the work of any marketing staff
  • Will collaborate and support the work of any grant writer


3. Student Leadership – In order to provide the best possible learning environment for all students, the Principal shall:

  • Ensure a Christian learning environment within the school community
  • Demonstrate and hold staff and volunteers accountable for proper respect and concern for each student
  • Regulate and judiciously enforce the school’s Student Code of Conduct
  • Ensure that the health, safety and comfort of the students is not compromised while attending school or travelling on school sanctioned excursions
  • Schedule and attend formal parent/teacher conferences on a regular basis throughout the school year


Administrative Duties

In order to manage the operation of the school in a professional manner, the School Principal shall:

  • Implement Board policies regarding school operations
  • Establish and monitor the annual instructional calendar
  • Establish an annual review and revision process of all school handbooks
  • Establish and monitor the educational budget and ensure the timely purchase of educational materials
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of personnel records in accordance with the school’s Confidentiality, Privacy, and Document Retention policies
  • Monitor the proper accounting of in-school finances and funds
  • Ensure the professional operation of the School Office
  • Ensure the proper management of the transportation services of the school
  • Comply with all government regulations for school operations as found in provincial and federal law
  • Monitor all visitors to the school facilities during school hours
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of school facilities


Community Duties

  • In order to maintain constructive relations with parents, the school society, the local Christian community, and the municipal neighbourhood, the Principal shall:
  • Demonstrate positive, professional inter-personal relationships with others
  • Encourage parental and community involvement in the school
  • Keep the parent community informed of school activities
  • Ensure that a robust recruitment plan and program are in place to attract future students to the school
  • Act as a spokesperson for the school and for Christian Education at large
  • Foster positive relationships with other Christian and educational organizations for the betterment of the SCCS and Christian Education



This job description was written in consultation with Jules DeJager, OACS Director of HR and SQ

School Highlights


Hands-On Learning

Students actively participate in learning within our greater community, whether it’s learning about budgets while shopping at our grocery store or taking part in awesome activities during Hands-On Wednesday (HOW), an interactive and innovative learning experience that engages students with new activities.


Supportive Community

We are blessed to have many volunteers associated with our school community that gives of their time and energy in many ways. We also have a few key fundraisers throughout the year that are well supported, including our real-round fundraiser, the Second Chance Community Store.


Unique Activities

Along with our non-standard educational program, our students take part in many in-school and community events. We have the Edudeo Fun Fair, Grandparents and Grandfriends’ Day, Touch A Truck, monthly chapels, Celebration of Learning, and more!


The Bridge

We launched a student support philosophy called the Bridge. It’s a way of thinking that helps to ensure that each student has strong foundations built on social and emotional support. SCCS’s Bridge is spearheaded by one social worker, two part-time special education teachers and one full-time educational assistant. They work with students, in cooperation with parents and staff, to troubleshoot learning obstacles. (Such as chaotic starts to the day because of anxiety over learning schedules and noisy bus rides.)


ESL Program

Korean students are placed in full English immersion classrooms where they participate in daily educational activities with their peers. Classroom teachers, educational assistants and a social worker work hard to ensure that international students engage in learning at their appropriate academic level.


Our visiting students and resident students are mutually enriched when they participate together in social, educational and recreational activities that build cross-cultural understanding and furthers language development.

About Strathroy


Strathroy is a great place to live! Our small community of 21,000 gives residents a unique and remarkable experience unlike anywhere else. It has a strong family atmosphere where kind greetings, welcoming smiles and lifelong bonds are the backbone of every neighbourhood.


Here in Strathroy you will find a wide range of shopping destinations for your everyday essentials, from Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire to national gas stations and pharmacies. We also have a wonderful downtown with everything from a dollar store to a chocolate shoppe. Of course there’s also the Second Chance Community Store, owned and operated by SCCS to support our school’s operations. Going stateside? The USA is only 35 minutes away.


We have a medical clinic with several doctors and a hospital with surgeons and specialized doctors. We also have two arenas and many networks of trails available year-round.


A short drive to London opens up your options to reveal large shopping malls, clothing outlets and specialty shops galore.


For more information on living in Strathroy visit www.strathroy-caradoc.ca.


Real Estate

Local housing styles vary so you can select from a wide range of optoins and locations throughout the greater Strathroy area. Our prices have increased slightly over the last year, but have since levelled off. We are still more affordable than the nearby City of London and our taxes are lower as well.


The average family can find a home in Strathroy for between $250,000 tand $350,000. A new home averages $350,000.



Here in Strathroy and throughout the surrounding area you will find a wide variety of places of worship, including those representing Christian Reformed, Baptist, United, Pentecostal, Catholic and many more denominations.

The 'Cornerstone' of Strathroy Community Christian School


A Capital Campaign (called Cornerstone) will be launched in the fall of 2017 to support an expansion and revitalization of our current building. At the heart of the decision to move forward were three qualities that will never change: our vision, our mission, and our commitment to operate as a community committed to the best possible Christian education for our children.


What is changing is our understanding of how children learn, our understanding of what constitutes effective teaching, and the educational spaces that foster the greatest benefit for our children. Schools getting the best results – more motivated, engaged and accomplished students – have changed their emphasis.


Our building’s conventional design was cost effective and has served us extremely well over the past 20 years. But with today’s need to ensure the success of each student, SCCS requires space to expand the possibilities for the innovative programming of today and possibilities in the future.


Students need space to work on projects that involve multiple grades and take place over many months. Students need to work alone or in groups, outside of the classroom and in thinking corners. Students need a learning centre designed for spiritual, social and academic success!


What we’re creating for our students:

  • Art and technology spaces
  • Dedicated music space
  • Flexible rooms that can change according to students’ needs
  • Project/resource rooms to allow small groups of students to solve complex problems and define their own success, while keeping the hallways clear
  • Quiet corners to reflect, think and deduct
  • Accessible washrooms
  • A safe kitchen and science centre for eating and experimenting


Lord willing, this project will begin June 2018.


Apply Today!


Please contact:

Principal Search Committee



Include: Resumé, Statement of Faith

and Statement of Educational Philosophy

Closing date: October 31, 2017

Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community.

2018 Strathroy Community Christian School

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