Since 1952

In 1952, a group of five men began meeting together to pray and plan for a Christian school in Strathroy. Gathering 35 members, this devoted group of Christians accepted the responsibility to instruct children in the understanding that our world and everything in it belongs to God.


Through the grace of God, a two-week summer course focusing on the Bible, church history and geography was launched while plans for the elementary school were prayerfully developed. In the basement of East Christian Reformed Church, John Calvin Christian School opened its doors to a group of 57 students on September 7, 1955.


The years that followed brought many blessings to the school community. Enrolment has grown from the original 57 students to as many as 272 in 1972. Increasing enrolment brought about changes in location, initially moving the John Calvin community to a facility across the street from its first church home and then relocating to our present site in 1996. Through this growth, we have seen our annual school budget rise from $7,500 in 1955 to over $1,000,000 in recent years.


The 2020-2021 student body is comprised of approximately 180 children representing more than 25 churches. Students attend our school not only from the local Strathroy-Caradoc community, but also are bussed from communities such as Ilderton, Glencoe, Watford, Delaware and various points in between.


Many things have changed over the years, including our school's name. What remains unchanged is the teaching of Christ at the centre of everything and that God has a purpose for each one of us in His world. May the grace of God and the devotion of our community of believers continue to bring blessings to His school for many years to come.




Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community and beyond.

Strathroy Community Christian School

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