Gift Card Program

Lowering Tuition at No Cost

The Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) is no longer available through SCCS. We've launched a new program named FundScrip!


What is FundScrip?

FundScrip is a fundraising program that encourages you to pay for your everyday purchases using gift cards bought at face value through Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS).


A percentage of the card value is then donated – split between SCCS (50%) and your family’s tuition (50%).


This means that just by paying for your groceries and gas with gift cards you can easily generate $25 every month for SCCS and/or a school family – that’s $300 a year!


Imagine if everyone in our school community participated...parental participation alone could generate $30,000 in profit!


How is it Better Than the Voucher Incentive Program?

FundScrip replaces the ‘VIP’ program that SCCS used until February 2018. There are a few reasons why we changed:

1. FundScrip makes it easier for you to order cards quickly and easily online.

2. FundScrip manages many of the administrative tasks on SCCS’s behalf.

3. FundScrip often has better deals and monthly promotions.


Get Family & Friends Involved in Raising Money

We encourage everyone to invite their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbours to participate in FundScrip as well. After all, they probably buy groceries and gas, just like you do. Simply give them an order form or tell them about registering online.



Choose Your Method: Online or Paper



First go to www.fundscrip.com. Click on the ‘Support Your Group’ button. Use the SCCS registration code: F4YP6A. Follow the instructions and you will be registered in a couple of minutes.


For those raising money for a student, enter their name in the Last Name field after your last name, separated by a hyphen. For example: “Smith - Jackson and Sophia”



Step 1. If you wish to pay via EFT (direct debit from your bank account), please complete the EFT application and fax/email it to FundScrip with a void cheque. SCCS has a fax machine to use if you wish to use it. Paying via EFT ensures there are no additional charges for SCCS.













Step 2. Upon EFT approval (which may take a couple of days) log back in and select gift cards from 230+ retailers.


Step 3. Pay. Your EFT-paid orders are due on the first Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to use online bill payment, your payment must be submitted five days prior to this. (If you use your credit card, there is a 1.99% charge to SCCS on every card you order.)


Step 4. Pick up your cards at SCCS, beginning on the first Thursday of the month.



Using the paper form? You don’t need to register. Simply complete the form in this package – more are available at the school office and online at www.sccs.ca. Paper orders are due the last Wednesday of the month with payment and the order will be ready for pickup the Thursday after the 1st Monday of the month.


Payment can be made by cheque or cash in the school office. Cheques must be made payable to Strathroy Community Christian School.











Pick Up

If you have a student at the school, you may authorize him/her to take your order home. This needs to be arranged ahead of time on the registration form. All other orders not picked up on Thursday will be placed in the school safe and can be picked up from the administrative assistant at any time during school hours.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to contact the FundScrip Coordinator, Berthiene Feddema, please do so at giftcards@sccs.ca. The school office also has printed forms and information to help.


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