Fundraising Strategy

Making the Most of the Resources We Have Been Given

Fundraising raises significant dollars for Strathroy Community Christian School. It relies heavily on the contribution of volunteer time, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the number of volunteers required to support the number of events that SCCS is accustomed to running.


A survey of the SCCS community was conducted in January 2014 to gather information on the opinions of fundraising at SCCS. The comments indicated a desire that SCCS does fewer fundraisers, but do them well.


Fundraising will focus on the following 'Pillars':


Relationships: all fundraising at SCCS will build new or strengthen existing relationships with each other, the church community and the greater Strathroy community


Respect: all fundraising at SCCS will respect the resources of our families and supporters.


Recognition: all fundraising will recognize the support of our participants and our volunteers.


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Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Evaluation Questionnaire

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