Bridging Cultures

Why Study English at Strathroy Community Christian School?


  • Christ-centred, quality education for students JK–8


  • Full English immersion in school with experienced teachers


  • Students may enroll at any time and determine their length of stay


  • We recognize that our students are mutually enriched when they participate together in social, educational, recreational and cultural activities.


  • Our teachers and support staff understand the needs of our international students and know that they often require help adjusting to life in a new country


  • Many community extra-curricular activities that provide additional opportunities for international students to socialize with Canadian students to build cross-cultural understanding and further language development


  • True Canadian experience in a rural setting, yet very close to the city


  •  Accessible adult ESL and student tutoring


  • Superior English Second Language program custom-designed to help encourage international students to find success in the classrooms

Goals of our ESL Program


  • Language acquisition is more than just vocabulary and language rules. It requires a relevant and supportive environment where students feel engaged and involved in the learning process


  • Build confidence in each student so they are willing to take risks and participate successfully within their classrooms


  • Introduce vocabulary and concepts through activities, games and conversations in one to one and group situations


  • ESL is conversation driven as conversation is language at work


  • Develop the students' skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening


  • Advocate for students in the classroom and collaborate with teachers to provide an optimal learning environment


  • Work as a liaison between school and family to ensure good communication and understanding


There's much more to tell you about our ESL program - contact us!

The SCCS International Press is published at the end of every school year and includes amazing stories by our ESL students. Read all about it!

Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community and beyond.

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