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Dear friends of Strathroy Community Christian School,


Much has happened since our last Capital Campaign update and if you missed the spring membership meeting you will need to get caught up on the exciting changes.


After listening to donors, parents and members, the Capital Campaign Committee presented a revised plan. We felt that the responsible thing to do was to divide the campaign into two distinct phases. Phase 1 will take place during the summer breaks in 2018 and 2019 and will consist of renovations and updates which are outlined in the Issue #4 update on your right. Phase 2 will involve the addition to the school and will take place after the completion of the first phase. It is felt that an increase in enrolment will be a marker for Phase 2 to begin.


That being said, we are busy making phone calls and visits to raise the funds for Phase 1 as well as Phase 2. It is our hope that before this summer that we will have the $600,000 – $650,000 needed to complete Phase 1 and be well on our way to working toward the funds needed for Phase 2.


That is where we will rely on the commitment of parents, grandparents, staff members, board members and all of our community supporters to prayerfully consider how each of you can contribute to the campaign and achieve our goal.


We have an amazing school and God is working wonders each day in its classrooms. Please be part of our exciting plan to see this continue and help our school change lives in such a way that children grow to become beautiful Kingdom workers in this world. Let’s be a part of this important work!




Carol Speelman

Cornerstone Co-chair




Henry Wiersema

Cornerstone Co-chair




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Henry Wiersema – Co-Chair

Carol Speelman – Co-Chair

Ralph Luimes – Building Committee Chair

Hubert Krygsman – Staff Representative

Darren Hakker – Communications Coordinator

Martin Postma – Finance Coordinator

Nancy Krygsman – Finance Coordinator

Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community.

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