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Our Facilities Need Your Support

for Growth and Excellence

Together, we will make very good use of our current school building and focus on repairing what’s broken and upgrading what is required. We will then create permanent creative arts spaces by adding new spaces to deliver quality Christ-centred education.


This project has already begun and with the support of the school community, it will be complete in 2023.


Why Upgrade SCCS?


Our building’s conventional design was cost-effective and has served us well over the past 20 years.


But SCCS strives to ensure the success of each student. To do so requires changes to expand the possibilities for the innovative programming of today and potential of the future:


  • Differentiated learning spaces to match that of students
  • Tools that students need to succeed
  • Space to prepare and reflect on learning
  • Places for creativity and innovation
  • Collaborative learning zones for small and large groups
  • 21st century communication technology is needed in every classroom
  • Music program requires separate space for students to learn

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Marv DeVries, Campaign Chair

519-636-7418 or marv.devries8@gmail.com


Hubert Krygsman, Principal

519-245-1934 or principal@sccs.ca


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Marv DeVries – Chair

Ralph Luimes – Building Committee Chair

Hubert Krygsman – Staff Representative

Nancy Krygsman – Finance Coordinator

Darren Hakker - Marketing Coordinator

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Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community and beyond.

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