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Dear friends of Strathroy Community Christian School,


It just seems a short few weeks ago that we closed the doors here at Strathroy Community Christian School for a well-deserved break. Thoughts of campfires, trips, family time and just relaxing on a nice summer day were on most of our minds. However with the school year ended, it also meant the beginning of our much-needed renovations.


It all started with Ralph Baker taking on demolition and reconstruction in the boys’ washrooms. It was quite the scene some days to see the washrooms torn apart and boxes of new toilets and urinals lining the halls waiting to be installed. Would it all be ready in time for the first day of school? Beautiful new bathroom counters were provided by VanderSchaaf Countertops (Thank you to Doug VanderSchaaf!). Plympton Plumbing supplied new energy-efficient toilets and VanderSchaaf Countertops supplied the sinks, installed by Mike Wieringa. Even the girls’ washrooms received the fresh new look!


Throughout the summer SCCS worked with our IT contractor, Brad Mousseau of Genesys IT, to upgrade our IT infrastructure. With Brad’s help we secured 80 nearly new computers for minimal cost. We were also able to upgrade our Internet network, computer software and Chromebook charging stations. Many thanks to Brad for his work and provision of equipment at little cost to the school, and to Joel Dykxhoorn who has added the role of Director of IT (and Athletics) to his teaching duties.


Also this summer, Mike Levitt and the Levitt Electric crew went to work on upgrading the school’s lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting. Out with the old and in with the new! It was quite a buzz getting the work finished and now there literally is no more buzz. That’s right no more old lights buzzing overhead and with the new lighting teachers and students are already enjoying a much better environment in the classroom. Thank you to Levitt Electric for helping us with our new lights and Nellie Levitt for handling the grant application!


And yes, it was all finished in time for the students to come streaming back through the doors on September 4.


What a blessing to see the first part of Phase 1 completed! The work has only begun as we continue to canvass and raise the funds for the next phase of changing our entrance and the classroom structure. Please continue to pray for the campaign and to give generously when you are called on to invest in the future of the children attending now and in years to come.




Carol Speelman

Cornerstone Co-chair




Henry Wiersema

Cornerstone Co-chair




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