Arts & Culture
Creativity Unravelled

Take a step into SCCS and you will see creative exploration alive in every classroom.


Students learn to appreciate the history of art and take their learning to a whole new level through a multitude of hands-on in-class discoveries. Have you heard of our Hands-on Wednesday program? Youth in every grade level get their hands dirty with art and creativity - whether it's making a quilt, making a gaga pit, or dissecting a motor! How cool is that?


Culture comes to life in ways that delight and fascinate young and old. Students write like monks by candlelight. They dig holes in the school veggie garden and tend their tomato plants. They visit local retirement homes and learn about the cultures from the Greatest Generation.


Anything is possible when students explore arts and culture at SCCS!





Our vision is to provide outstanding, transformative education of mind, body and spirit so that God will be glorified in the Strathroy community and beyond.

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